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XOXO Jesus Stud Earrings

XOXO Jesus Stud Earrings

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Whispers of Faith: The XOXO Jesus Stud Earrings - A Delicate Expression of Devotion

Carry your faith close to your heart with the XOXO Jesus Stud Earrings, a beautiful and understated way to express your love and appreciation for Jesus' sacrifice. These tiny treasures offer a subtle yet meaningful reminder of the original love story.

Faith in Miniature:

    • Delicate Design: Measuring just 8mm in diameter, these circular earrings feature the inscription "XO" adorned with tiny nail and crown of thorns details.
    • Symbolism & Style: The "XO" represents love and hugs, while the nails and crown of thorns allude to Jesus' sacrifice, creating a meaningful and symbolic design.
    • Everyday Faith: Perfect for everyday wear, these earrings subtly express your faith, sparking conversations or simply serving as a personal reminder of your beliefs.
    • Pairs Well: These earrings match our XOXO Jesus Tee
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