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Retro Rileys

Retro Boombox Purse

Retro Boombox Purse

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Rewind to Style with the Groovy Retro Boombox Purse!

Blast back to the era of big beats and big hair with the Retro Boombox Purse, the ultimate accessory for 80s and 90s fashion throwbacks! This isn't just a purse, it's a statement piece that lets you relive the golden age of music and turn heads wherever you go.

Get ready to groove with:

    • Iconic Design: Shaped like a classic retro boombox, complete with realistic details like buttons, knobs, and speaker grills, this purse is a nostalgic dream come true. It's available in various colors to match your personal style.
    • Perfectly Portable: Measuring 11" wide, 5" high, and 3.5" deep, this purse is surprisingly spacious, holding your phone, wallet, keys, and makeup essentials without feeling bulky.
    • Two Ways to Carry: Choose between the detachable crossbody strap for hands-free convenience or the cute small handle for a vintage-inspired look.
    • Built to Last: Made from high-quality polyurethane and mixed metal, this purse is sturdy and durable, ensuring you can enjoy its retro vibes for years to come.
    • More Than Just a Purse: It's a conversation starter! Be prepared for compliments and questions about your unique accessory, making new connections and sharing your love for all things 80s and 90s.
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