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Retro Rileys



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Channel your inner sunshine with the Parasol, a whimsical parasol that adds a touch of playful charm to your day!

This delightful accessory isn't just about sun protection (although it does a pretty good job at that, with its 17-inch diameter), it's about embracing a playful spirit and making a statement.


    • Turning heads on sunny strolls with the vibrant simulated silk catching the light, available in a rainbow of colors to match your mood.
    • Adding a touch of whimsy to picnics, outdoor markets, or even poolside lounging.
    • Feeling like a fun-loving character straight out of a vintage postcard, ready to create unforgettable memories.

More than just a pretty face:

    • Simulated silk fabric: Luxuriously soft and lightweight, draping beautifully for an elegant touch.
    • Sturdy construction: Built to withstand gentle breezes and playful twirls.
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