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Millennial Lotería: El Adult Expansion Pack

Millennial Lotería: El Adult Expansion Pack

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Turn up the heat in your Millennial Lotería game nights with 10 extra-spicy cards that’ll make you LOL and blush at the same time. Add them to your Millennial Lotería collection, along with 10 extra playing boards and extra bitcoins, which totally make this expansion pack extra AF.

This Millennial Lotería expansion pack is rated R and includes:

* 10 new cards (includes 1 Shiny AF Card)

* 10 extra game boards

* 108 extra bitcoin tokens

OMG IMPORTANT INFO: This expansion pack does not contain the full Millennial Lotería game, which is sold separately. If you don't own it yet, make sure to add one to your cart. Like, right now!

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