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Internal Revenue Motel Keychain

Internal Revenue Motel Keychain

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Escape the Ordinary with the Internal Revenue Motel Keychain!

This ain't your grandma's motel keychain. It's a bold, retro statement piece shaped like a classic vintage motel key fob, dripping in sun-kissed yellow.

More than just a keychain, it's a conversation starter:

    • Eye-catching design: The bright yellow and vintage motel key fob shape will turn heads wherever you go.
    • Witty nostalgia: A playful nod to that "vacation on a budget" feeling, with a touch of tax season humor.
    • Durable for everyday use: Made from sturdy materials to withstand the wear and tear of your adventures (both financial and otherwise).
    • 32mm slip ring: Easily attach it to your keys, backpack, or purse.
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