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Adult Poodle Dog Skirt (5 Piece Set)

Adult Poodle Dog Skirt (5 Piece Set)

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Channel Your Inner Sock Hop Queen with the Adult Poodle Dog Skirt Set!

Get ready to jive and swing back in time with this 5-piece Adult Poodle Dog Skirt Set, a guaranteed head-turner for any 50s themed party, Halloween bash, or even a playful everyday outfit!

This rockin' set includes:

    • A poodle-licious skirt: Available in neon pink, bubblegum pink, vibrant red, playful lavender, and classic black, this A-line skirt features an adorable poodle applique and promises a delightful swish with every step.
    • Matching neck scarf: Add a touch of vintage flair with a neck scarf (or mention the actual design), the perfect finishing touch to your retro look.
    • Groovy belt socks: Channel your inner bobby soxer with these cute poodle-adorned socks, available in colors to match your chosen skirt.
    • Retro cat-eye glasses: Complete the iconic 50s vibe with these playful cat-eye glasses, adding a touch of whimsy and personality.
    • The skirt itself: Made from comfortable and breathable fabric, this skirt ensures you can dance the night away in style and comfort.
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